Fans rave over Adam Lambert’s incredible rendition of “Chandelier”

On ‘AGT: All Stars 2023,’ Adam Lambert delivers a jaw-dropping performance of ‘Chandelier.’ He is joined by Aidan Bryant and the Bello Sisters in one of the best performances in the show’s history!

The song starts slowly as the three sisters make an acrobatic pyramid before the judges. Adam sings softly, wearing a golden suit jacket, gloves, and shiny high heel boots.

Then, he turns around to the judges and sings the chorus hitting high notes with his powerful rockstar voice. Aidan Bryant swings in from behind Adam, and he does flips and twirls as Adam sings.

Adam struts around the stage as the incredible gymnasts continue to pull off aerial and ground stunts. Adam Lambert has true star power, and his charisma on stage is second-to-none.

The lights flash blue and purple as fog fills the stage. At the song’s end, the girls make a handstand triangle and center under the aerial acrobat. The crowd and judges give them a standing ovation.

Afterward, Terry Crews asks Simon what he thinks, and he says, “That was amazing. Adam, I have to say this. We’ve known each other for a long time. Adam, you are honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met in show business.”

Simon says he is very proud of what Adam has become after finding fame, and he gives him a big smile. The performance of ‘Chandelier,’ made famous by Sia, brought the house down on AGT: All-Stars.

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