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Four teen friends, Jevon Hirst, Harvey Owen, Wilf Henderson, and Hugo Morris, embarked on a camping trip in Snowdonia, North Wales last weekend. They were looking forward to some fun time together, but their journey ended with a tragedy.

Namely, the boys went on the trip on Sunday morning and were about to return home the following day, but when their families didn’t hear from them for some hours, they got worried and alerted the police.

Soon after, a missing report for the four of them was filed and the authorities began an extensive search in the woods.

Helicopters, members of the Coast Guard, and mountain rescue teams got involved in the search as well.

Forty-eight hours since they were reported missing, authorities found the lifeless bodies of the four teens trapped inside an overturned car partially submerged in water.

“At present, this appears to have been a tragic accident, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the four young men at this very difficult time,” a member of the police forces said.

The car they boys were travelling with seems to have ridden off the road in a village called Gareg.

Needless to say, their families were heartbroken.

Owen’s mother, Crystal, wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook. “I feel like I’m in a nightmare I wish I could wake up from, but I’m not,” she wrote. She then added that she would be closing her business for a while because she’s not able to do anything work-related when her son is no longer alive and she won’t see him ever again.

According to Crystal, Owen was about to spend the night at a friend’s house and she had no idea the boys went to a camping trip. She added that she would never let him go if she knew what he was planning because of the winter weather.

Henderson’s girlfriend’s mother, Lisa Corfield, spoke of the boys and said, “They are not experienced campers. They have never been there before. [They] were just going for the night, so have a tent and sleeping bags but only the basics.”

She shared a photo of the deceased boy and her daughter on Facebook and described him as a “lovely kind young lad” who treated her daughter like every parent would want their daughter to be treated.

Tributes came pouring in for the families of the boys during these times of grief. The heartbroken families are still trying to figure out what happened and that their boys are not alive.

We are so very sorry for this tragic losses.

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