Husband pays over $5K for friends’ & co-workers’ Christmas presents, wife is ‘shocked’ seeing the price of her gift

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Although the holiday is all about appreciating everything we have and being grateful for our family and friends, it’s also about getting gifts for our loved ones. A married couple was about to spend their first Christmas together as a husband and wife after dating for three years. They had this tradition of buying gifts separately. One day, as she was cleaning around the house, the woman accidentally stumbled upon her husband’s Christmas gift list. She was curious to take a peek, but what she read left her in a state of shock.

As she was going through the list, she noticed that her husband was very generous when he was picking gifts for his friends, co-workers, and family. Among the rest, he purchased a wristwatch worth $600 for a co-worker, a $250 bracelet for his sister-in-law, and $900 workout gear for a friend of his.

However, when she finally spotted her name, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The gift her husband chose for her was a stainless steel kitchen spoon set worth $20. At that moment, she felt both disappointment and rage, and after giving the entire situation a thought, she decided to confront him about this issue.“I was too shocked to ignore this and I had a confrontation with him about it,” she explained in a post on Reddit in which she asked fellow users to tell her if she was right to act like she did. Her husband told her that she was selfish and that she overreacted. He also said that since he was spending his own money on the gifts, he was allowed to spend as much as he wanted on whomever he wanted. As she insisted that she was insulted by his lack of thoughtfulness, he told her she should learn how to be satisfied with whatever she gets no matter how much the gift costs. She believed she wasn’t appreciated as much as his friends and family, but he called her an “ungrateful, spoiled brat.” Calling her ridiculous, he even stopped talking to her. Redditors took a stand and told her that she was completely right for being mad at her husband for choosing such a gift for her since he was spending outrageous amounts of money on others. “If one of my coworkers spent so much more on me than on their own spouse, I would be SERIOUSLY weirded out,” one person noted. “If my BIL got me a $250 bracelet I’d be extremely uncomfortable. Throw in the fact that he only spent $20 on spoons for his wife I’d be appalled,” another added. Others even suggested that the choice of gifts was a huge red flag. “That’s a huge red flag to dote and shower others with gifts and not your significant other…but expect them to get you nice things in return. It’s beyond disrespectful,” one person said. What are your thoughts on this? Please SHARE this article with your family and friends on Facebook.

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