Most people throw away eggshells but don’t know how important they are! Details in the first comment.

If you are one of those people who enjoy eggs for breakfast and consume them often, here are some benefits the egg shells offer. Read the article below and see why you shouldn’t throw the eggshells in the trash ever again.

1. Natural Pest Deterrent

If slugs, worms, and snails are frequent visitors of your garden and munch on your flower, thus destroy the plant, eggshells may be the solution. Simply spread crushed eggshells around the plants, and you’ll see a difference shortly after. Turns out these critters are repelled by the smell of eggshells so they won’t be returning to your garden again.

2. Repels Deer

Just like with insects, eggshells also repel deer. If you happen to be residing in a wooden area, deer are frequent visitors, so using this trick may help keeping the away from your garden and your plants which they tend to destroy.

3. Bird Feed

While they repel some creatures, the eggshells are a true delight for others. Birds love eggshells, so if you spread some around your garden you may expect to witness feathered friends flock indulging in their favorite treat. This is a nice way to attract birds, which not only make people’s days with their lovely appearance and sweet tweets, but also keep unwanted insects away.

4. Boost Your Soil’s Health

Crafting an eggshell solution or eggshell dust as fertilizer is a sustainable alternative, giving purpose to what would otherwise end up in your community landfill.

The calcium carbonate they contain decreases the acidity of your soil naturally, which is advantageous for plants that thrive in lower pH environments. This adjustment makes the soil more alkaline, enhancing nutrient absorption for these plants.

5. Keep Your Veggies Healthy

The calcium carbonate present in eggshells can aid in reducing the risk of blossom end rot in certain plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, which are prone to calcium deficiencies. Placing crushed eggshells in the soil will help the veggies stay plump, vibrant, and full of flavor.

6.Raise pH for Potted Plants


When it comes to potted plants, horticulture educator with University of Illinois Extension, notes, “Eggshells have been shown to increase soil pH in greenhouse studies where plants are growing in pots. The small volume of soil contained in a pot is far different than the massive volume of soil in a backyard garden…It is unlikely that the average homeowner could generate enough eggshells to raise their soil pH.”

7. Composting Made Easy

Crushed eggshell material is highly beneficial for composting since items such as eggshells and citrus peels can decompose in a compost pile or bin gradually. As they break down, they contribute to the compost material, enriching it with nutrients and minerals.

Prior to composting, it’s crucial to rinse the shells to eliminate any raw egg residue. Breaking them down into crushed shells accelerates the decomposition process, as smaller pieces break down more quickly compared to whole eggs.

Next time you have eggs, make sure you use the eggshells in order to enhance the beauty of your garden or potted plants.

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