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Growing up with parents who don’t support your ambitions and dreams can be challenging. This lack of support often leads to feelings of inadequacy and a lack of self-worth. What’s most, the absence of emotional and financial support leaves a lasting impact.

This is a story of a young woman named Jenny who was forced to pay for her college all by herself, yet her father, who didn’t contribute even a cent to her tuition, bragged about supporting her studies financially. When she could no longer put up with the lies he was telling their family and friends, Jenny decided to teach him a lesson; one he would never forget.

When she started school, Jenny’s father always reminded her that he only expected good grades from her. “Nothing below a B, Jenny, understood?” he would say almost daily, putting an immense pressure on her to excel at all subjects.


During her college years, Jenny decided to take on a bunch of jobs just to be able to pay for her education herself, hoping to get rid of the stress of living under her father’s microscope.

Jenny’s cousin on the other hand had it much easier because her parents supported her financially without expecting much from her in return. They sometimes pushed her, but also gave her enough space for her personal growth.

One day during a family gathering, Jenny’s uncle asked her father how much Jenny’s education cost him.

Without hesitation, he said, “Oh, it’s been quite the investment.” Boasting, he added, “A small fortune, really, but nothing is too good for my daughter!”

Hearing him say that, Jenny left the room because she couldn’t listen to the way he lied while delivering a smile.


She didn’t say a word, but she knew she needed to do something about his lies that portray him as the supportive father he never was.

Some time later, Jenny invited all her family to her graduation. They were happy to attend, especially her father who had no idea she was plotting a revenge against him.

On her big day, when her name was called to take the stage, Jenny stepped forward and started her speech. “I want to thank… ME for working really hard to pay my tuition with no help from anyone,” her words hanging in the air like a challenge.

The screen in the background showed images of her in the trenches of minimum-wage labor, battling fatigue and dirty dishes, a far cry from the leisurely college life her father presented in front of their family and friends.

“Every late night, every double shift, every exam I aced… I did that. Without any help from him,” she said pointing to her father.


Jenny’s dad made a hasty exit.

Following the ceremony, her family gathered around Jenny. Their reactions were mixed. “We had no idea, dear. You should have said something,” her aunt said with a hesitant smile.

However, Jenny didn’t need the sympathy from anyone. All she needed was an acknowledgment for her hard work.

“You really showed him, huh?” her uncle said with a smile. “Yes, I suppose I did,” Jenny replied. “But more importantly, I showed myself,” she said proudly.


Ultimately, her graduation wasn’t a representation of her academic success but a proclamation of independence and a moment of emotional release, signaling the start of a new chapter.

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